Through our partnership with the INGRAM BOOK GROUP, the world’s leader in the book industry, the basic distribution of titles published by INFAROM is ensured and has impressive coverage...

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Publishing worldwide 

   INFAROM is a Romanian publisher strongly anchored in the international publishing and distribution system developed worldwide in the last several years.

   The general trend toward globalization, along with the continuous expansion of the internet, both for communication and as a virtual marketplace, have found in the book industry a very fertile ground for development. By adapting itself perfectly to these trends, INFAROM has succeeded, through its own publishing policies and acquired partnerships, in becoming an international launching ramp for titles by local authors.

   INFAROM currently offers professional solutions for publishing to authors of any native language, in a flexible system that combines the classical rigorousness of editorial quality with the freedom of the print-on-demand variants offered by modern media technology.

   The content specialty of INFAROM Publishing is useful and verified information. Although we publish all literary genres, INFAROM specializes in technical and scientific books, especially in applied and scholarly mathematics. INFAROM's publishing concept is based on the prevalence of useful information and its presentation in book form to readers worldwide.

   The acquisition of quality information is made possible through open projects with global participation. The editorial team evaluates all proposed materials with the same standards and objectivity, whether they belong to recognized or unpublished authors.

   INFAROM regularly publishes translations of its own titles, with international distribution. If you have already published a book in your own country, it is time for your work to be published abroad and reach a market of millions of customers.  

   Besides basic distribution through our partners, INFAROM Publishing develops its own marketing programs for acquiring new distribution channels.

   INFAROM can transform your message, whether literary, technical, or scientific, into a book which belongs to you and reaches readers any time, anywhere!  



• Infarom encourages foreign publishers to propose quality titles for licensing Romanian rights, in several categories (how-to, self-improvement, novels, applied science, etc.).
• Starting January 2012, Infarom offers professional
translation services for authors, collaborators, and third parties.
• In 2011, Ingram Group announced the opening of a new printing and distribution unit in Australia, an important market for English-language titles.
• Starting in 2011, our books can be also ordered at any Espresso Book Machine, the newest POD technology. See the
distribution page for details.


Our team of mathematicians maintain a website devoted to probability theory, for the popular audience. Visit it:

Probability Theory Guide and Applications for Non-mathematicians.

Also check our books on applied mathematics.


Infarom constantly develops open publishing projects with global participation, in several specialties and in various formulas of collaboration. The subjects and contents are chosen as result of our marketing team's researches.

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