Title: PLANET ERIS AND THE GLOBAL WARMING;   Author: Cristian Negureanu; paperback: ISBN 9789738855076, 132 pages, 6 x 9 in format (ebook: ISBN 9789738855076, 3.5 MB, PDF).


            Dr. Cristian Negureanu brings out another of his outstanding works on the global considerations of human existence – this time it treats a subject of great interest today, namely the global warming of the planet.

What is remarkable in his study are the links of the subject to the hypotheses of extraterrestrial interventions on Earth, including the origin of humans and the ancient history of the mankind.

The author uses ancient writings (the Bible, the Koran, The Book of Enoch, and the Sumerian writings) as sources containing proofs of the extraterrestrial origin of humans and their links to planet Eris, which seems that it was a sort of station for some categories of extraterrestrials.

Combining interpretations of the ancient writings (the book contains a great number of them) with the scientific facts regarding planet Eris, the author proves – and many scientists confirm his observations – that this celestial object is the sole cause of what is happening now on Earth with the climate. What is also interesting – and discussed in the book – is that NASA is aware of this information and has already taken some measures of surveillance of this planet through one of its launched space missions.

 The real cause of climate changes, volcanic activity, and the intensification of seismic activity is the approach to our solar system of the planet Eris, an intermediary named 2003 – UB – 313, known in Antiquity under various names such as Nibiru, Marduk, Nemesis, Hercolubus, The Gods’ Planet, The Planet of the Empire, The Planet of the Cross, or The Red Planet.

The planet Eris/Nibiru periodically comes closer to Earth once every 3,600 years and generates numerous climate changes, one being global warming with its natural consequence, the melting of the glaciers. The effect of glaciers melting, because of their sweet water, will be the ending of the thermo-saline natural system, the “engine” that allows the Gulfstream circulation to the North and the freezing of wide areas in northwestern Europe and northeastern United States.

Briefly, here is the process that took place during the last two periods during which the Gods’ planet has passed between Mars and Jupiter, its nearest point to Earth:

- 7200 years ago, during the cataclysm known as “Noah’s flood,” sudden changes in temperature, violent storms, and water avalanches from Antarctica broke off from their “ice prison.”

- 3600 years ago, during the Jews’ Exodus from Egypt in the middle of the second millennium B.C., the Earth suffered major upheavals. A celestial body entered our solar system and came very close to Earth, causing the eventual disappearance of the glacier layer.

Now it is time for the planet Eris to pass again through our solar system, and we should expect the same climate changes. The effects of this astronomic event are already being seen worldwide, and they will get more acute in the next years.

            These are the facts around which the book is developed in a purely informative style, but nourished with biblical passages whose real interpretations are hard to accept initially, but which become quite clear when linked one to another.

It is an enlightening journey through a history of mankind we never think about, which can help us not only to understand what is happening now with the human race, but also even to predict the near future.

About the Author
     Dr.Cristian Negureanu is a well-known author and has published books since 1991. His work is well documented, very serious and he offers the readers innovating works of a great interest today. Among his books are the following: The Gospel According to Darwin, The Arrival of the Gods, The Silence of the Idols, On the Doorsteps of the Kingdom, The Revelation of Psychiatry, The Bible and the Third World War, and Parapsychology and Mysteries of the World.


     1) „Planet Eris and the Global Warming” is a brilliant, condensed and charming synthesis of the hypotheses of the great researcher Zecharia Sitchin, who studied and interpreted the 25,000 plates in Mesopotamia – Sumer. Cristian Negureanu does not limit only to reflect on the book “The Twelfth Planet”, but he eruditely, highly intuitively and very well documented concentrates the latest information from the wide library of the world, which is visibly a real publishing boom on all over the globe […]. Dr. Cristian Negureanu also has pertinent and polemical ideas, including against Sitchin, and his book is the outcome of his long exploration in what we would call the Great Agitation that precedes the Revelation. His study is perfectly related to the ancient writings: Enuma Elis, Ghilgames Epos, loam libraries or contested secret archives (especially The Book of Enoch), and The Bible. The author performs essential deciphering of a wide occult thesaurus. Maybe Elohim (the plural of God) and Anunaki (nephilims) do inspire the people, by opening their mind eye […] Who does want, will loom it, who does not, will stay in the darkness of Plato’s Cave, as Heidegger defined it! The book is written to be comprehensible also by the laymen, which is remarkable. Cristian Negureanu represents the mystical exaltation of the extremes pro and against the evidences in the space of interference of: Mythology - Religions - Archeology - History - Astrophysics - Knowledge. Being passionate for the last few decades of this top field of humanity, I consider “Planet Eris and the Global Warming” as the book of the year! […] Cristian Negureanu’s book is really a major event. Eugen EVU, Member of the Romanian Union of Writers, January 2008

     2) Dr. Cristian Negureanu proves to be highly trained to do a parallelism that is well self-restrained with respect to reasoning – on one side the logic of the historical and archeological facts and the events, and on the other side the invoking of some elements that can be physically and functionally explained only through the modern scientific knowledge.  Ion Tugui, well-known parapsychology writer