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   INFAROM is a Romanian company founded in 1993, having as its main activity editing and publishing specialized journals and magazines.
   Since 2001, the publishing house has specialized in technical and scientific titles, especially scholarly and applied mathematics. Currently, INFAROM publishes titles of all genres and categories.
   INFAROM has wide appeal internationally, and attempts to reach authors in all countries around the world, especially those who have difficulty being published in their own country.
   Due to its collaboration with the largest book distributors and by providing editorial services by a team of professionals, INFAROM is today the East European leader in global publishing and a respected publisher in international book industry.

INFAROM Publishing
2, Nicolae Titulescu Str.
Craiova, Romania


   Romanian partners:
   LIBRARIE NET - principal national retailer
   BOOKLAND - national retailer and distributor
   BIBLIOS - national retailer
   BOOKBYTE - national ebook retailer
   DDC - principal national distributor

   International partners:
   INGRAM BOOK GROUP principal distributor
   L.S. INC. aggregator
   AMAZON INC., BARNES & NOBLE, POWELLS, FOLLET principal global retailers


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