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Advantages of the Translator-Agent System

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Below are the advantages of the translator-agent system, from each partner's point of view:

             Advantages for the selling publisher:
  He can expect to get the best possible translation both through selection of the translators and the fact that they share a joint financial interest;
  The selling publisher is able to offer the completed translation to foreign publishers;
  The native translator is familiar with his respective country, language, and local trade behaviors and habits, and thus is able to provide the most effective approach to local publishers;
  The selling publisher avoids loss of a considerable amount of time by having the entire translation and marketing process under his own control;
  The selling publisher can anticipate low costs possibly no cost for the campaigns, a significant benefit for small presses;
  The selling publisher enjoys the possibility of also making a  profit from the translation payment (which is paid by the buying publisher);
  The new title will be published relatively quickly, having the translation already done before approaching the buying publisher.

       Advantages for the translator
  The translator has the benefit of working on a translation with which he is comfortable, for which he applied, in his field of expertise;
  There is the opportunity for additional (regular) income besides the translation payment;
  The translator will enrich his portfolio with a book;
  The translator benefits from the possibility of having a further permanent collaboration with both publishers after closing a deal.

             Advantages for the buying publisher
  The buying publisher will not have to use his resources for translation; he has a high-quality, print-ready translation, which means quicker publishing.
  The agent with whom the publisher deals is native to his customs and language.

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