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  It is well known, in the realm of visual art albums, that most of the titles on the market presenting the great artists focus on their exhibited works (in museums or official galleries). Because a large number of their works are not exhibited, circulating through the antique marketplaces and private collections, we believe that publications capturing the images of these non-exhibited works would be of a great interest to art lovers and professionals. We intend to publish a series of bilingual (English/French) painting albums containing non-exhibited works of listed artists, with collective contributions from art sellers and private collectors. Each album will be dedicated to a painting school (French, English, Italian, German, American, etc.) and for each school, several volumes will be published, as we receive content.

   Any art seller or private collector, either individual or company, can enroll in the project and submit content for publication, consisting of images of the works from his or her past or present inventory, and basic data about them.
   Artists: Contributors may submit only works of listed artists born before 1940. The artist should be listed in one of the major art dictionaries, catalogues, or encyclopedias (like Benezit). Artists with strong references on the internet are also accepted.
   Works: We solicit any kind of work (from sketches and studies to complex paintings), medium (pencil, charcoal, watercolor, gouache, oil), support (paper, cardboard, canvas, glass, ceramic, wood), and subject. Works that are worn or deteriorated due to age may also be accepted.
   Each image must submit to certain technical specifications and must be accompanied by some basic data about the work. Unsigned works must be supported by strong arguments about their assignation to a certain artist or by an expert certificate.
   Each submission is subject to approval before publishing. An album is ready for publishing when its content has been completed with about 50-70 picture submissions from several contributors within the same painting school.

   For art sellers, we offer the exposure of your store name and location (including eBay and  other online stores) as the source of each photo, and the possibility to advertise further at the end of each album (the advertising terms will be communicated two weeks before publication). For collectors, your name or collection name is displayed near each submitted photo as its source. These albums will be distributed worldwide to art lovers, buyers, and professionals. This project offers a good opportunity to promote your art store or collection.

   Submission guidelines
   Images: Images may be taken with camera or scanner and submitted in digital format (JPG, GIF, or TIFF). If using a camera, position it parallel with the painting's surface, so that the captured image will be rectangular and not distorted. Be sure that the picture catches the entire area of the painting. Avoid using the camera’s flash on glossy surfaces (oil painting or the glass of the framed painting), as it can be reflected back in the camera. Take the photo with the maximum resolution the camera allows (also applies to the scanner). Do not edit or adjust the digital images before submission—they must reflect the real painting. 
   Data: After receiving confirmation of your participation in the project, you will be provided with a contributor code and a submission form in which you will provide basic data about each submitted work (name of the artist, estimated date of creation, type of work, media, etc.). You will also receive the file upload guidelines and file name conventions.

   Potential contributors may apply by completing and sending the online application form below. 



Application form for the art albums project

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