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The translator-agent system is an innovative marketing utility for licensing translation rights of books internationally and is addressed to translators and publishers. Basically, our system uses local translators acting in the capacity of foreign rights agents. Click here for a brief description of this system, which is the subject of our book Publishing Globally: Marketing Translation Rights Through Local Translators . Click here to learn about the advantages of the translator-agent system for all parties involved, as compared to the standard approach of marketing translation rights through classical literary agents.

On our website you will find a basic platform where publishers can post their translator-agent jobs and translators can apply for them.

Translator-agent jobs


You have the opportunity to do translation in your field of expertise and receive additional income beyond payment for the translation itself. You can choose the book you wish to translate, and market its translation rights in your country of residence. You will be provided with full support from the publisher regarding the translation and marketing. You will enrich your portfolio with a book and additionally, you will  benefit from the opportunity for further collaboration with the publishers you contact. You will find all details about this kind of job in our book, from applying for the job to closing a deal. Then, you can apply to one or more of the posted translator-agent jobs, according to your profile. The application is FREE.

  All needed information for enrollment in and application of this system (detailed description and steps, resources, guidance, and recommendations for translators and publishers) are in the book Publishing Globally: Marketing Translation Rights Through Local Translators (list price $19, our price $15, you save $4). Click on the image below for a complete annotation and list of contents.  


You will increase your chances of getting the translations of your titles published in foreign countries through our proven system. You avoid considerable loss of time by having the entire translation and marketing process under your own control. You can select translators according to your criteria and get the best possible print-ready translations prior to offering them to foreign publishers. You can anticipate minimal costs – possibly no cost – for the campaigns. You will find all details about this system, as well as resources (from sample ads to contract models), in our book. Then, you can post your translator-agent jobs (titles) on our platform. The posting fee is $9 per title per year.


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Brief description
Briefly, when the original publisher wishes to market the licensing of translation rights to a title he has published, he first hires a translator who is both native in the language and a resident of the specific country where he wishes to publish, and who specializes in that title’s topic, genre, and style. After both the original publisher and the translator agree on terms and sign the contract, the translator-agent begins his double job: first he completes the translation, then he offers it to local publishers through a personal marketing campaign which consists of contacting them and presenting the offer under the auspices of the hiring publisher. Once the translator-agent has found a buyer for the translation rights, all further transactions for this sale are conducted between the two publishers. After the license contract is signed by both parties and the buying publisher pays for the translation, the translator is paid by the hiring publisher for the translation work plus further commissions from the royalties on the new foreign edition. If, however, the translator-agent fails to find a buyer within the agreed period of time, he may receive payments covered by the guarantees set forth in his contract with the hiring publisher. 

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