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   Titles published in a language other than English use the same international distribution system, the target being the communities of your nationality from the U.S. and from European countries. An author can independently distribute books in his or her country of origin by generating stocks in any quantity at the production costs (printing plus shipping) through the service called direct order

   Of course, the market for a title published in another language will be smaller than the market for the same title published in English. The target consists of the communities of your nationality from the U.S., the U.K., and other European countries. A non-English title will be harder to sell to physical bookstores for placement on their shelves in the U.S. and U.K., except for regions having large communities that use that language, but it will benefit from the same exposure on Amazon and affiliated websites (see the section titled Distribution/Marketing).

   At present, INFAROM can only process and publish English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Romanian titles under its main imprint. The titles setup in other languages will carry the imprint "I.A.F.C.R." (Infarom's author full-content responsibility). I.A.F.C.R. means the book is printed and distributed through INFAROM, but its content was not read, checked, or reviewed by us, but only by its author; this provision is clearly stated on the copyright page of each non-English language title.

   The I.A.F.C.R. status of a book is not the same as P.A.M (published on author's management). P.A.M. books are not put in the POD distribution network (they are just printed and sent to the author), while I.A.F.C.R. books are distributed through the POD distribution network.

   INFAROM encourages non-native English authors to publish in English even though this approach assumes additional expenses for translation and correction of the material. The reason is financialóthe international POD system ensures a very large market for English titles.
   Of course, if professional criteria take precedence and the author wants to see his or her book printed sooner, the first option may be publishing in a native language, followed by a new edition in English to be published later at the author's request. 


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