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Why use our translation services:
 ● Because we have a large professional team, of which only one translator will work on your text: the most appropriate translator!
 ● Because when you publish your translation with us, we have all the resources right here to put a perfect work on the global market!


   The translation department of Infarom Publishing works with a team of professional translators with philological education, experience, and additional specializations for various types of texts. Thus, your project will be assigned to the translator who is the most qualified with respect to the field, specialty, literary genre, and even the style of the material to be translated. At your request, the translation can also undergo a native proofreading and correction in the target language, performed by one of our native philologists also specializing in the material's type of text.

   For scientific materials, we provide professional translators with experience in scientific and academic texts, especially in the fields of mathematics, physics, philosophy, and engineering. We collaborate with various universities, scientific publishers, and independent researchers to offer translations of all types of texts (articles, doctoral theses, communications, and books).

The unit fee for a translation is contingent upon the pair of languages, type of text, and other technical criteria. Usually it  varies between 5 - 18 euro per 300-word page of the source document for pair languages of large circulation. We will inform you of the total fee for your order after we receive and study it. The total fee should be paid in advance or at milestones.

   Submission guidelines
Our translation service specializes in translations of books, but we also take translation orders for other materials, subject to a minimum volume of 10 pages (3000 words). You can place your order using the order form below, followed by the upload of your file containing the text to be translated.
   We recommend that you send editable DOC files (using MS Word), for ease of counting words and obtaining a minimal working time. You can also send TXT, PDF, or HTML files. If you have more than one file to send, please archive them and send one ZIP or RAR file.
   For prompt identification and to avoid overwriting, please name your file with the date of sending and your name, in the format day.month.year.firstname.lastname, with no blank spaces (example: 03.08.2011.john.smith), adding numerical indexes if you send several files on the same day (example: 03.08.2011.john.smith.1, 03.08.2011.john.smith.2, etc.).
   After sending the form, you will be directed to an uploader where you can upload your file (up to 7 MB). If your file is larger than 7 MB, please contact us for FTP login data.


Translation order form

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