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   Publication project: a series of math problem books with separate progressive solutions, compiled from collective contributions from students and instructors.

   INFAROM Publishing has initiated the publication of a series of math problem books for medium through advanced level, in a new format: each problem book specializes in a certain mathematical subdomain and contains four main sections: enunciations of the problems, solving hints, solving algorithms, and the complete solutions.

   This editorial project is addressed to undergraduate and graduate students of mathematics institutions, as well as instructors, who can become authors/co-authors of problem books by collecting and editing the problems, according to publisherís guidelines. The purpose of co-opting these contributors is both professional and financial: professional, by assuring them an authorís portfolio in their field of expertise, and financial, the authors being paid commissions from sales and having the opportunity to distribute their own books locally or on the internet, under their own terms.

   The problem books will be published in English and distributed worldwide. INFAROM plans to publish such a problem book once at every three months.
The first problem book of this series (MATHEMATICS PROBLEMS WITH SEPARATE PROGRESSIVE SOLUTIONS: HINTS, ALGORITHMS, PROOFS. VOLUME 1 - INTERMEDIATE AND COLLEGE ALGEBRA) has been already released and can be ordered from our bookstore. For downloading a sample of the electronic edition of this book, click here. For buying this book, click on the image on the right and you will directed to a page from which you can order it.

   For details regarding the structure of the problem books, eligibility, working mode, and terms and conditions, download the documentation of this project (click the icon from the right):

   Individuals may apply by completing and sending the online application form below. After submitting the application form, applicants must e-mail us a scanned copy of an id, official statement, or diploma supporting the data provided with regard to the school institution.



Application form for the problem book project

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   Last school institution attended
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   Your activity, experience, achievements in mathematics (optional)
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   Your level of written English in mathematical texts: 
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   The domains of mathematics in which you intend to collect/edit problems (write the codes, separated by comas)
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