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  •    Marketing translation rights through local translators
       INFAROM has developed and tested a system for marketing translation rights globally through local translators, which will help to equalize opportunity for publishers in the international book trade. Freelance translators may enroll and publishers may post their titles through our dedicated platform. Click here for details.

  •    Translations of own titles
       INFAROM will publish translations of its top English titles in languages with large circulation. The translators with whom we collaborate will have a co-author status and will participate in the titles' revenues. Click here for details.

  •    Art albums
       Beginning April 2008, INFAROM activates the publication of a series of art albums. Each album will be bilingual (English/French) and will contain non-exhibited works of listed artists. Click here for details.

  •    Problem books with collective contributions
       Beginning January 2008, INFAROM activates the publication of a series of math problem books for medium through advanced level, in a new format. This editorial project is addressed to undergraduate and graduate students of mathematics institutions, as well as instructors, who can become authors/co-authors of problem books by collecting and editing the problems, according to publisher’s guidelines. Click here for details.








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