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Author guidelines


   Although we publish titles in any field and of any literary genre, our Scientific Department specializes in technical and scientific books.

   INFAROM encourages authors to publish technical and scientific literature, especially in the following fields: pure and applied mathematics, applied engineering, generally applied science, scholarly mathematics, pedagogy (addressed to students or teachers), technical and practical guides, and any kind of academic works, including PhD papers.  

   We pay special attention to all published technical and scientific titles, regardless of the reputation of their authors, by allocating additional time and budget for marketing these titles in international editorial environments.

   INFAROM is recognized internationally as a valid scientific publisher, its titles receiving exposure on specialized websites as well as on several physical bookstores from high-school, college, and university campuses across the U.S. and U.K.

   Technical guidelines
   Proposals for technical and scientific titles are made in the same manner via the web (see the section titled
Author guidelines). Manuscripts and finished files must conform with the same technical standards described in the section titled Technical specifications, with the following additional requirements:
   The editing style must be specific to the standards of the respective specialty for content, notes, denotations, quotations, and references.
   For mathematics, MAA or AMS style are recommended.
   For fields involving the large-scale usage of mathematical expressions, we recommend editing in Microsoft Word using the integrated application MathType; if the manuscript is edited in Scientific Work or other similar software, the proposed document should be converted and sent in PDF format.
   We recommend including a foreword, an afterword, or a paragraph in the introduction describing the scientific background of the author.

   Other guidelines for technical and scientific authors
   For scientific works of beginning authors, we recommend that the proposed material be accompanied by a recommendation from a university person in the respective field; this recommendation must be edited and inserted in the foreword, afterword, or introduction to the book.
   To authors of collections of problems, we recommend selecting specific subjects for the published problems (the aleatory selection from several sub-domains of a respective discipline is not recommended). In addition, authors must mention the source of each problem in the collection.
    Authors must pay particular attention to the personal correction of editing and typing errors, which may interrupt the logical flow within expositions.
   The reference page must be edited with attention and responsibility by including all necessary references to avoid author's or intellectual rights litigations.


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