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   INFAROM provides the entire range of editorial services necessary to publish and distribute your book, from author counseling, pre-press services, and ISBN code assignment, to listing in the distribution catalogue and promotion through specific means.

   Pre-publishing consulting
Through our Support Department, authors are counseled free upon request about their proposed titles: market potential, technical, content, and marketing suggestions, pricing, etc.

   Corrective verification
This service is provided only for English-language work proposed for publication through our publishing house under our main imprint. It does not extend to titles published on author's management or published on author’s full-content responsibility. The work is subject to a full verification consisting of reading of the text, following main ideas and logical constructions, analysis of style, quality of translation, spelling and grammar, checking the editorial format and the compatibility with standard technical requirements. Besides the content, the competition in the marketplace for a respective title is also analyzed.
   The corrective verification is executed on the Word document, in track-changes mode.
   The goal of corrective verification process is to detect and correct inherent technical and content errors, as well as to improve the market position of a respective title. The results of the corrective verification are communicated to the author, along with any suggestions for corrections and/or changes. The resending of the material by the author assumes a new verification.
   Only the first corrective verification is subject to a fee; all further verification is provided free. The fee is between 0.75 euro/page and 1.5 euro/page, depending on subject, complexity, and specialty (the fee is per 300-word page). The corrective verification is obligatory before a new title setup (except for titles published under the imprints P.M.A. and I.A.F.C.R.).

For publishing in a foreign language, you may want to use our translation service, provided by our professional translators. The translator assigned to your project specializes in the literary field and genre of your material. Fees vary between 4 - 12 euro/page (the fee is per 300-word page of the source document) depending on the pair of languages and the nature of your text. Translation services are also available to third parties (persons who are not registered with INFAROM as authors). To order a translation, click here.

   Non-native editing and correction  
   For professional editing and correction services for your  translation, which are provided by native speakers in the target language from various fields, you may want to use our native correction service, which is optional, but recommended.
The fee is 3 euro/page (the fee is per 300-word page). At this momment, we can offer this service for the following target languages: English, Spanish, and French.

   ISBN assignment
   The international standardized book number (ISBN) is a code assigned to each published book by the National Library of the country of the publishing house and is useful for identifying books in international book databases as well as for facilitating the maintenance of book stocks by publishers, distributors, libraries, and bookstores. INFAROM assigns an ISBN code free to each new book published under its main imprint. For books published in author's management, those published in author's full-content responsibility (P.M.A. and I.A.F.C.R.), and for ebooks, the fee for assigning one ISBN code is 10 euros.

   PDF conversion
   For authors who provide finished book files in Microsoft Word and do not have PDF conversion software to entirely preserve the editorial format of the source file, we provide such conversion at the author’s request. PDF format is necessary for POD setup. The fee is 0.05 euro/page.

   Cover making
At the author’s request, we can provide a finished file of the cover in TIFF or PDF format, according to POD technical specifications, by taking into account author's suggestions for design. The fee ranges from 20 to 50 euros, depending on the requested complexity. Similarly, for ebooks we can provide a virtual cover for a fee of 10 euros.

   POD title setup
Title setup means the execution of the data ensemble—finished files – metadata – marketing data—in the format requested by the aggregator, and its transmission to the aggregator, which creates the POD printing matrix and lists the title in the digital catalogue. Printing setup includes bookblock setup for a fee of 0.19 euro/page, and cover setup for a fee of 49 euros.

   Generation of proof copy
   A proof is a copy of a book (the final product) made from its finished files after title setup, which is sent by courier from the printing company to the author's address. By accepting the proof copy, the author agrees that the title is ready to go into production. If the author does not agree that the title is ready for production, the author can make changes and send any new files to the publishing house. The title then enters into the revision process. The fees for generation and shipment of the proof copy—which is obligatory—is 39 euros for a standard book with black and white interior and 17 euros + (0.11 euro/page) for a color book.

   At any time during the contract period, an author can make changes to the book content or cover by creating new finished files and sending them to the publishing house. The publishing house makes a new setup of that title (called a revision), which is subject to a fee of 49 euros per revised file (bookblock or cover).

   Digital catalogue
   The newly setup title is listed in the aggregator's digital catalogue, which is made available for distributors and retailers who purchase titles directly from the aggregator. The fee for listing and stationing in the digital catalogue is 12 euros per title per year.

   Ingram catalogue 
Besides the digital catalogue it maintains and updates, as a distributor Ingram publishes a monthly printed catalogue of all newly published titles. Each new title presented in the catalogue has its ad space containing basic data (title, author, publisher, ISBN, category, list price) and a black-and-white image of the cover. The ad appears only once, 3 to 4 months from the date the respective title goes into production. The catalogue is distributed to over 25,000 subscribers from all over the world, most of them local bookstores. Although this service is optional, we strongly recommend publishing an ad in Ingram's catalogue because it provides additional exposure of the title in a format preferred by many retailers. The Ingram catalog fee is 59 euros and is paid only once.

   POD printing
POD printing services are provided with professionalism by L.S. Inc., a subsidiary of Ingram Book Group, which uses high-tech machines. The printing costs are shown in the section titled Fees and compensation, as well as in the POD Operating Manual provided to any registered author.

   Direct order
Through this service, an author can order any number of copies of his or her own titles at the production cost. Books ordered by an author become his or her property and can have any destination: protocol, collection, documentation, or distribution by the author.

   Basic distribution
   Any new setup title conforming to the standard editorial requirements is included in Ingram's digital catalogue and is listed on Amazon websites. Depending on retailers' orders, Ingram may stock (buy) low or high quantities of copies for reselling. Amazon stocks the title in small quantities once the first order for it is received. This stands for the basic distribution of the title and is free as a part of the POD system. See the section titled Distribution/Marketing for details about the entire distribution capacity of the system. 

   Direct Marketing
Certain titles for which studies indicate growing sales potential or for which previous sales confirm this tendency are subject to direct marketing targeted at physical distributors and retailers having certain specialties (direct online and mail offers, posting ads on forums and websites accessed by retailers, listings in additional catalogues, etc.). The service is free to all registered authors.

   Additional Marketing
   This service is provided for titles with high sales potential which has been confirmed through previous sales. The service includes physical presence at international book fairs (Frankfurt, London, Prague, Tokyo, New York, and other book fairs) where new distribution contracts may be signed and negotiations for licensing translation rights take place. Also, high-volume direct marketing is targeted at distributors and retailers. These additional marketing services are provided through two independent publishers associations: PMA (Independent Book Publishers Association) and IPG (Independent Publishers Group). The costs of such services are high compared with title setup fees. This high cost is why they are projected only after accomplishing a satisfactory sales volume for the respective titles. Authors are asked to participate in the costs of these services through a previously negotiated formula.


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