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Author guidelines
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   1) The first step is to register as an author through the registration form on the Submission page. After registration, you will receive the POD Operating Manual and the Publishing Contract, which must be printed in four copies; two signed copies must be returned to us with the finished files of the proposed title.
This documentation is for the titles published in POD system. For a title accepted for traditional publishing, you will receive a new specific contract. 

   2) Once your manuscript is finished and put in Word format (or PDF, if you chose to publish it on author's management), you may send it as material proposed for publishing through the Submit your material form on the Submission page. 
   One or more of our editors will study it and contact you in 2 to 15 days, communicating whether the material has been accepted. In case of acceptance, you will be notified about the agreed way of publishing it (POD or classical) and you will be provided with editorial suggestions for the manuscript and information about the publishing process.
You will be also provided with one or two temporary ISBN codes (depending on your intention to publish the title in paper and/or ebook format).

   3) After finishing the manuscript, you may send us the new Word document. Any files that do not meet the technical specifications must be revised by the author and returned to us. After we receive the final document, your title enters the corrective verification process (except for titles published under P.A.M. or I.A.F.C.R imprints), which may last between 3 and 30 days, depending on the content and its complexity. For the POD titles, the corrective verification must be paid in advance.

   If the title has been accepted for classical publishing, the publisher takes over the entire pre-press and publishing process, without the author's participation. If the title will be published in POD system, the author should also consider the next steps.

   4) During the corrective verification, the publisher also edits the copyright page (containing publisher's box and the copyright note, which will be forwarded to the author in order to be included in the final document of the interior.

   5) After the first corrective verification has completed, its result (a document edited in track-changes mode by the correction editor), along with the copyright page, are forwarded to the author for her/him to accept/reject the suggested changes and to create the final file of the interior. Also, you will be directed to the setup form for the new title, which you must fill in with identification data, technical specifications, publishing and distribution options, requested services, etc.).

   6) After completing the finished files, you may send these to us. After successive corrective verifications (which are free), the bookblock file is changed by the author according to editorial suggestions and sent back electronically. When the file reaches the finished form that requires no further correction, the corrective verification process stops. From this moment you may start creating the finished files according to the Technical specifications. These files can be done on your own or you may work with a qualified person (editor, designer, etc.). If you make the cover file yourself, we will calculate the spine width for you, and you will receive that dimension after sending us the completed title setup form with the final number of pages.

   7) The publisher chooses a list price of the title on the basis of several technical and marketing criteria; we choose a list price for each market (in $ and ); the price is subject to author's approval; any further commission and distribution discount shall be applied to the list price.
   After payment of the setup fees and requested pre-press services, all final files
are forwarded to aggregator to set up the POD title and generate the proof copy. This process lasts between 7 and 15 working days.

   8) After the POD setup is done, you will receive the proof copy via courier (in 3 to 12 days) directly from the aggregator. This will be your book as it was setup according to the finished files received from the author. After you study it, notify us of your acceptance or rejection of the proof. In case of rejection, you must remake the bookblock and/or cover file according to your desires and send it to us. In case of acceptance, notify us and your title will go into POD production in 1 to 3 business days after payment of the last rate of the fees.

   9) After the title has entered the aggregator's digital catalogue, it will soon appear in Ingram's digital catalogue, and in about 3 to 5 weeks it will be listed on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powells, and other online retailers' websites, and from there it will go to other affiliates. If you have opted also for the Ingram printed catalogue, the new release will be published in about 2 months from its inclusion in the digital catalogue.

   10) During the period covered by your publishing contract, you may run your own marketing campaign for your title, by increasing the traffic on the web pages that list it and consequently the sales volume.
   Author compensation is paid monthly, in U.S. dollars. A sales report is sent monthly to the author's email, usually 3 to 7 days after the end of each month. Author compensation is paid within 120 days following the end of the months in which sales are made (necessary to collect payments from the distribution network). For example, author compensation for sales made in January are paid to the author at the beginning of June, and so on monthly.

   All the details about the POD process and the commercial relationship between an author and the publishing house are in the documentation the author receives after registration. 

   Any title revision is subject to the same setup process. The author sends us the new file (interior or cover) through the revision form and we forward it to the aggregator. The aggregator generates a new proof copy, which is sent to author for acceptance. The setup turnaround times for the revised title are the same as for a new title.


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