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   This page contains the following forms: the registration form for new authors and the submission form for sending new material proposed for publishing. After successful sending these forms, you can upload your manuscript file. Please respect the following guidelines for completing each form:

   Author registration
   Fill in the correct personal and contact data. These data remain in our database and are not made public. 
   Fill the Biography field with your personal bio data that you consider relevant, or you may fill in a complete résumé. These data are also confidential.

   After registration, a new author will receive an author code by email. Refer to this code in any future correspondence for prompt identification. You may send the proposed material even before receiving your author code, but only after submitting the registration form (as the proposal form does not have any contact data of the author).  

   Submit your material
   The data to fill in this form refer to the content of your manuscript, in the actual status at the moment of sending.

   If a work has several authors, their names must be filled in the field labeled Author (authors), separated by commas. For each title, author compensation is paid to one author with whom we establish a commercial relation; this author is the spokesperson for the author group and this is the author for which the code is filled in the field labeled Author code (if received).
   If your material is a translation, fill in the corresponding field with the following data: title and author of the original work, edition, publishing year and company, eventually the ISBN code.
   The estimated number of pages refers to an estimation of the number of pages of the finished file, equivalent to the 6 x 9 inch trim size.
   The field labeled Content description must be completed with as many data regarding the subject, content, and structure of the material as possible, including eventually the content page.
   In the field labeled Other comments on your material, add any information that you consider relevant for your material, including the novelties it brings or through which it differs from other similar titles in the marketplace.
   If the material is already published in another form, on a different medium, or under a different title, mention in the corresponding field the publishing year and company, the author, eventually the ISBN code, and any other information about the published work.

   The file to be uploaded can be in one of the following formats: DOC, HTML, or PDF, and eventually ZIP archived, with a maximum size of 7 MB (files larger that 7 MB must be mailed on a CD or sent via FTP - you must contact us for providing you with FTP login data). File naming must be in the following format: author code.number of sending. Example: if you received the author code 2765 and this is your first sending, the file must be named 2765.1. If you have not received an author code, the file will be named your first name_your last name.1, according your name. For example, john_smith.1.

   The proposed material will be studied and the author will be notified in 2 to 15 days of its acceptance or rejection (see the acceptance conditions in the page titled Author guidelines), as well as the way it can be published (classical or POD).




Author registration

   First and last name   Phone
   Country City  
   State/Province   Postal code
   Email   Re-enter email
   Web page (optional)
   Have you been published before?   yes   no
   Biography (optional) -
max. 3000 characters:    
   How did you hear about us?













Submit your material

   Title   Language
   Author (authors)   Author code
   Is your material a translation?  yes   no . If yes, provide details about the original work:
   The content is finished in proportions of %
   Estimated number of pages
   Content description -
min. 100, max. 5000 characters:
   Other comments on your material (optional) -
max. 2000 characters:
   Are you the holder of all intellectual rights (eventually joined with other authors) on this material?  yes   no
   The material is already published in another form, on a different medium or under a different title?  yes   no . If yes, provide details about the published work:
   I want the material to be published as: book   ebook
   I want the material to be published on:
   publisher's management (imprint INFAROM)   
   author's management (imprint P.A.M.)
   INFAROM's author full-content responsibility (imprint I.A.F.C.R)

After the successful submission of the above data, you will be directed to the upload page.



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