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   If you hold an English translation of a title by a traditional or known author, you don't have to sell your work to a publisher for a fixed price (which is usually small). You can publish your work directly to an English-language market and benefit from the compensations specific to an author.
   Editing a translation of an already published book is subject to the same rules for publishing in English (see the section titled
Author guidelines) and the translator becomes author or coauthor. In addition, you must to carefully study the availability of the respective work with respect to the authorís rights, then check the legislation of the territories where the book will sell with regard to this subject. 

   Before you start translating a book, you must be sure that the author's rights in that text are in the public domain, both in your country and in the countries where you intend to sell the book as well.
   Here are the steps in the process:
   1) Choose the work to translate and identify its author.
   2) Documentation: find the year of the author's death; in most countries, the author's rights enter the public domain 50 to 70 years after an author's death. Once this condition is ascertained, you may make the translation for publishing, except where the published work has a printed copyright note that prohibits this action. If the author is dead, but insufficient time has passed after his or her death for the work to enter the public domain, you cannot use the text for publishing in another language except with the approval of the author's legal successors. If the author is still alive, you can contact him or her and propose the translation and publishing as a coauthor. Such an agreement is valid only if the English rights are not the subject to ceding the rights stated in a contract running between the author and another publisher.
   3) Do the translation.
   4) Documentation: check the legal provisions for the various countries (in which the new book is to be sold) for copyright length for works published abroad. As of the date you intend to publish the translation, the rights must be in the public domain of each country.
   5) Setup the new title and choose the distribution territories from those in conformance with the conditions in step 4.

   You may also translate works from any language and publish in your own language if the author's rights for the respective work are in the public domain.

   Generally, if an author's rights are in the public domain in the country of origin (70 years from author's death in the European Community), they are also accepted in the public domain in the U.S.A (the main distribution territory for English titles).
   The section titled Resources gives information and excerpts from international legislation for the terms of termination of copyrights for various countries and situations.


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