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Note: Due to the high volume of requests and applications we receive, we must make the following clarifications:
- Read carefully the collaboration terms; you will not be paid a translation fee, but only royalties, as a co-author;
- For the math titles, apply only if you have some experience related to mathematics (as translator and/or as education).
- Do not apply for positions that are already filled (those appearing in red in the table below).
   Thank you for understanding.

   INFAROM intends to publish its top selling English titles in all languages with large circulation. These new titles will be put in the same distribution channels as their English editions (Ingram, Gardner, Bertram, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, etc.). INFAROM's concept of publishing translations is based on the fact that the translator's work is most important with regard to the final product, which must preserve all meanings and information of the original material, in order for the latter to have the same success as the former. This concept implies accuracy, rigorousness, careand not least, responsibility for the translator's work. We consider that the best way for a translator to achieve these standards in his or her work is to be involved in and be part of this work. Thus, we consider that the most productive way of collaboration for both partspublisher and translatoris to grant the translator a co-author status and share with him or her the financial revenue. In this way, the translator is directly interested in giving the best effort. This is why we look for partners and not project-based workers for our translations.

   As a co-author translator, you will have most of the benefits our authors have: permanent commissions from the profits of the book sales (instead of a fixed per-page rate), one free copy of the book, the exposure of your name as co-author on both the title page and the cover, and the opportunity to order any number of copies at the production cost (the direct order service).
   The 12% commission (author rights) is split between the co-authors (translator and the original author) as follows: 5% for the translator and 7% for the original author
After finishing work on the current project, the selected translators remain permanent collaborators with INFAROM for future similar projects and other paid translation jobs.

   Candidates should be native in the target language they choose from the available languages or at least have excellent command of that language (especially written), enhanced by philological studies of that language. For natives, philological studies in the target language are not required. Candidates must have relevant experience reading in English, translating and editing, and--very important--must have background experience that is in some way related to the subject of the book they choose for translation. They must be familiar with the type of text they work on. The data provided in your application should reflect these requirements.
   Translators may apply by sending the application form below, in which they must provide personal data and a short résumé (if your résumé is long or rich-formatted, you may also send it as attachment to
). In the application form, you may apply to translate only one book at a time.
   Applicants chosen in a first selection of résumés will be asked to take a practical test (translation of few paragraphs from the chosen book).

   Translation/editing basic guidelines
   The selected translator of a certain book will agree with the publisher on a deadline for finishing the translation. If the translator does not meet that deadline, he or she is granted an extra month. After this extra month expires, the publisher reserves the right to assign the translation to another translator with no compensation for the partial translation done.
   The translation will be worked directly on the original English Word document, in normal mode, by replacing the initial text as translated. All document formatting should be preserved, including fonts (type and size). The special characters specific to a certain language must come from the same font family as the rest of the text. The translator should communicate regularly with the publisher and ask in English about any words, idioms, or phrases whose meanings appear questionable within the text. The translator should check for typos daily, after finishing that day’s portion, and again at the end of the whole translation, through an overall recheck.

   Titles available for translation
   The titles available for translation at this moment are noted in the table below, along with data about their content and the available languages, which are abbreviated as follows: SP - Spanish; FR - French; GE - German. Lauguages shown in green in the table are available for translation (no translator was assigned yet for it). When a language appears in red, this means that the position is filled.

Title / Author / List price / ISBN Category / Subject / No. of pages Available languages / Observations
Roulette Odds and Profits: The Mathematics of Complex Bets by Catalin Barboianu - $23
ISBN 9789738752078
Mathematics - Applied mathematics; Games / The mathematics of roulette with respect to probabilities and parameters of the betting systems, and the mathematical model of the roulette bet / 212 pages SP, FR, GE
The book holds a great many tables of values and math expressions that significantly reduce the amount of text to be translated 
Understanding and Calculating the Odds: Probability Theory Basics and Calculus Guide for Beginners, with Applications in Games of Chance and Everyday Life by Catalin Barboianu - $29
ISBN 9738752019
Textbook; Mathematics - Popular mathematics - Probability Theory - Word problems; Philosophy / The concept of probability explained for non-mathematicians, interpretations and applications / 300 pages SP, FR, GE
The pure math parts contains a number of expressions; all of these reduce the amount of text to be translated.
Probability Guide to Gambling: The Mathematics of Dice, Slots, Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Lottery and Sport Bets by Catalin Barboianu - $29
ISBN 9738752035 
Mathematics - Applied mathematics; Games / The mathematics of casino games with respect to probability / 300 pages SP, FR, GE
The games applications sections contain many tables of values; the pure math parts contains a number of expressions; all of  these reduce the amount of text to be translated.
Planet Eris and the Global Warming by Cristian Negureanu - $17
ISBN 9789738855076
UFO; Extraterrestrial; Occult; History of mankind; Environment / The author treats the links of the subject to the hypotheses of extraterrestrial interventions on Earth, including the origin of humans and the ancient history of mankind / 129 pages SP, FR, GE
The book holds a number of Biblical passages and a few dozen  photos, all  of which reduce the amount of text to be translated.


   Potential co-author translators may apply by completing and sending the online application form below.



Application form for the translation project

   First and last name   City
   State/Province   Country
   Address   Postal code  
   E-mail   Retype e-mail
   Native language   Other languages with very good command   

   The title which you intend to translate:
   ISBN   The target language

   Your English education
   Your background related to the subject of the title you intend to translate

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