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On this platform, each job is listed as a book title, along with its metadata, job conditions offered, applicants' additional requirements, and target countries. Each listing is edited in English, except the book title, which is edited in its original language. The countries are noted with their codes as given in ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 code elements. Target languages are indicated by the target countries themselves with certain exceptions. 

You may apply for posted jobs by contacting the listed publishers directly via e-mail. You may also contact them for additional details about the titles for translation and the agent activity. You will submit your application directly to the publisher, attaching your résumé to a message with the subject "translator-agent application." You should not apply for a posted job if one of the following requirements is not met: you are qualified for doing translations, you are native in one of the target languages and resident of that country, and you meet the additional requirements specified in the job.

You can post your titles/jobs on this platform through the publisher submission form, which must be filled in according to the guidelines provided on that page. The posting fee is $9 per title per year, and each revision of a post, including removal, is subject to a $2 fee. Payment details will be sent to you upon approval of your submission. Click here to submit a job post.

Below you will find job listings grouped by book genres. Within each genre, the listings are posted in the order they are received (the most recent listed first).


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